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When your pet has a heart problem, having a cardiologist as part of the care team will assure the best possible treatment.  A veterinary cardiologist has 3-4 years of specialized training beyond veterinary medical school.  This training often includes a year of internship, followed by a highly competitive and specialized residency under the supervision of a board certified cardiologist.  Board certification also requires passing a two year series of rigorous specialty tests, and submission of a credentials packet to the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM). The ACVIM then awards the status of Diplomate of the ACVIM in the specialty of cardiology.  Along with "DVM" after their name, a board certified veterinary cardiologist will also have "DACVIM, Cardiology."


Some radiologists and internists also do cardiac imaging and treatment.  While these specialties also require additional specialized training and testing in their field, it is not equivalent to the training a cardiologist receives in the area of cardiology. Cardiologists are trained in the specific physiology, pathophysiology, clinical diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, medical and interventional therapy of animal heart disease.  Although diagnostic imaging is an important aspect of cardiology, the knowledge that comes with years of specialized training in acquiring and interpreting the images in the context of the entire clinical picture of your pet's disease is very different than the ability to acquire standard views and measurements of the heart.

Veterinary Cardiology Partners is committed to partnering with you, and with your primary care veterinarian, to provide the highest quality cardiac care to your pet.  By coming to your veterinarian's office, or to your home, we can help to make your visits as convenient and stress free as possible, both for you and your pet.  We are available for initial consultations, as well as follow-up and maintenance visits.  Our goal as a partner in your care team is to help assure the best quality and quantity of life for your loved one.

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