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           Client FAQ        

  • How long will my pet be at the hospital?

Mobile appointment times are approximate windows (we make every effort to be within the time slot). Your pets are to be dropped off* and should be expected to stay at the hospital for no more than 4 hours.


*If you have special needs/requests and do not want to leave your pet, exact times can be scheduled for an additional fee; please let us know your needs so we can meet and exceed everyone’s expectations. 

  • Can I be present for my pets’ cardiology appointment?

For mobile appointments, please ask your veterinarian if they offer this service.  Dr. Drourr provides in-person consultations for an additional fee. 

With COVID 19, we ask that you wear a mask at all times while in the hospital.


To make an appointment directly to see Dr. Drourr at Golden Gate Veterinary Specialists or our other affiliated hospitals: 

Call our reception line at 415.273.8855

  • Will my pet be shaved? 

Yes, in most cases. Animal fur can impede the image quality of the heart ultrasound.  We want to get the best image quality of your pets' heart as possible.  Please expect that your pet will be shaved in most cases.


  • Will my pet need sedation? 

Sedation is avoided whenever possible as some sedation can suppress the heart function.  If sedation is necessary, your veterinarian will explain the pros and cons and any risks as well as get your permission prior to sedation.


  • How much will the appointment cost? 

 When you make an appointment directly with Veterinary Cardiology Partners (415.273.8855), we are happy to provide an estimate of Dr. Drourr's services. Please do not hesitate asking us.

When Dr. Drourr is seeing your pet at an affiliated hospital and you are making your appointment directly at that clinic, please ask their receptionist for their pricing as VCP does not set pricing at "affiliated clinics".  

  • What is the procedure if I need to cancel my appointment?

For appointment cancellations, please call 24 hours prior to the morning of the day of your appointment.  Any cancellations after this period will be subjected to a $150 cancellation fee.

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